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Penthouse on the Waterfront

Two-story penthouse interior design

We studied the design thoroughly in 3d and carefully documented the client’s existing furniture and art as they wanted to relocate their existing art and furniture from their current home into the new penthouse we designed for them. The build out included unique features such as a “hidden” powder room door clad in stone in order for it to disappear into the surrounding stone wall, concealed wood-clad storage under the staircase, and four fireplaces as the owner was a fireplace dealer and wanted to showcase some of his best fireplaces in his home design.


In the showcase of this project you’ll see we created a 3d model of the entire unit including all the furniture, art, and new build out for the penthouse to clearly show the client how their space would look and feel. They purchased the unit as an empty shell — which left us the freedom to completely layout the space to best suit the client’s needs.


In addition to overall plans and drawings for the space, we also created individual drawing sheets for each room to give the contractor more detail on how to construct each room, the materials, and how it should look and feel — each drawing sheet also included at least one 3d image to clearly show the design intent of the room to the contractor.


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