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Green Mixed-Use Development

This eco-friendly development was given an award, to amy green design, by the City of Portland

This project was part of a design competition which amy green design won and was awarded by the City of Portland. The project included a community facility complete with a rock climbing wall that could be seen through the corner windows of the space, ground floor restaurant and retail, and live-work lofts on the upper floor.


The design incorporated sustainable practices throughout the development. Green features included healthy indoor environments, water conservation, eco-friendly materials, resource conservation, and energy efficiency. These goals were achieved through strategies such as natural daylighting and ventilation, low flow fixtures, reclaimed local materials, and Energy Star appliances. A portion of these efficiencies are achieved through the use of skylights and open air patios which allow for cross-ventilation, light, and outdoor air throughout the residential units. Eco-roofs covered over half the roof area and helped mitigate heat island effects. These strategies benefited the project and are in line with the City’s goals for 100% on-site stormwater infiltration.


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