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Existing Conditions & Legalization

We’ve completed these services as quickly as overnight for clients

Amy green design has documented existing conditions for clients of both residential and commercial spaces — both small and large ranging from a couple rooms in residential homes to commercial buildings with many floors, different uses, and a myriad of rooms.


We have a successful history helping clients document and evaluate spaces they are interested in leasing or buying, but aren’t sure if the space will accommodate their needs.  In such cases we can quickly layout the space for our clients showing them how many students they can fit in a daycare, how they could layout an office for their staff, how seating could be accommodated in a restaurant, or how the space could be reworked to make the house the home they’ve been dreaming of.  


Contact amy green design to discuss how we can help you evaluate your space to show you how we can rework it to best suit your needs.  Be sure to download our free guide Why a Feasibility Study is Your First Step Towards a Successful Building Project to see how amy green design can help take your site to the next level.


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