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Interior Design

Interior Design


People spend 90% of their time indoors, so we at amy green design respond to that by creating interior spaces that inspire, encourage comfort, collaboration and create environments which support the health and well being of users through the use of eco-luxury design. We provide stand-alone interior design services for projects or we can provide interior design services in addition to architectural services. We also specialize in helping support other interior designers as the architect and green building experts on their projects. We work on both residential and commercial projects and offer several signature services featured below in addition to standard interior design services.

interior design - daylighting

Daylighting & Energy Efficient Design

Light is so critical to daily life that it affects our circadian rhythms and natural lighting is so crucial it has been shown to improve test scores of students, increase worker productivity, and increase sales in retail stores. Energy efficient lighting can also help greatly reduce energy bills, bringing savings back to the client.

interior-services-sustainable materials

Sustainable Materials Selection

In addition to typical materials selection, offer unique services such as healthy green material selections that can help protect populations at risk to toxins and chemicals found in buildings such as newborn babies, someone recovering from illness, or asthma. We can also select materials that have less of an impact on the environment and that can help achieve LEED points.

interior design -furniture selection & layouts

Furniture Selection & Layouts

Whether you need furniture for one room, an entire home, or an entire office we will work to create a functional layout, select the furniture, provide you with information on all proposed furniture including sustainable features and LEED points associated with it, assist with purchasing, and oversee installation. We also work with fabricators to create custom furniture and millwork to suit the unique needs of your space.


Functional Space Planning

We plan spaces that are more functional, productive, innovative, and which foster community and collaboration.

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Detailed Interior Drawings

We provide fully coordinated CAD drawings and details which reduce questions from contractors, allows for more accurate bids, improves vendor coordination, ensures smooth construction, and guarantees more accurate shop drawings from the team.

interior design- mood boards

Renderings & Mood Boards

Provide renderings that help both the client, consultant team, and the contractor better understand the design intent of the space.

interior services - kitchen

Kitchen Design

Kitchens are often the heart of a home, bringing family together over meals and memories. We can help encourage healthier eating through the kitchen design as well as simplify the cooking and cleanup process through efficient layouts. From design through installation we’ll help ensure your kitchen is a success.

sumayya bathroom

Bathroom Design

We help bathrooms become a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. From design through installation we’ll help ensure your bathroom design is a success.

interior design - eco luxury (1)

Eco-Luxury Interior Design

With people spending 90% of their time indoors, interior environments must support the health and well being of people indoors. We achieve that through materials and designs that are not only good for the environment about also healthier for our users, low-VOC, non-toxic, and encourage good indoor air quality while still embodying a sense of luxury.

amy green design

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