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Budget Examples for Design

budget schedule aesthetics diagram

Budget Examples for Design

Balancing your budget, schedule and desired aesthetics is a delicate dance. Fortunately, for clients of amy green design, we have several tricks of the trade up our sleeve to help clients achieve all three.


Schedule: If you want to be moved in by a certain date, that means we’ll recommend certain vendors and strategies in order to achieve that. European Kitchen Cabinetry, for example, can take 3-4 months to arrive on-site for construction (and often worth the wait), but we have also have other vendors, such as ready to assemble, that can arrive on-site in 2-6 weeks.


We also have furniture vendors that can custom fabricate the couch or other piece you’re been dreaming of in 8-12 weeks, but if timing is of the essence, there are options for it to arrive in 2-4 weeks.


We can also recommend strategies to help limit the number of permits required and how they are applied for so we can save you the time of going through the DOB for those reviews — as acquiring permits can often take 2-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your project and the permits needed.


If you’re a landmarked property we’ll discuss how we could apply for a fast track or expedited review rather than a normal review, to help you get through the process faster, and discuss how that impacts goals.


Budget: We’ll work with you to balance the schedule with your budget and aesthetics. You’ll start to see how all three — schedule, budget & aesthetics — tie in together as we discuss this other key design aspect.


That European Cabinetry you might be considering, for example, not only takes longer to arrive on-site, but it’s also more expensive. But often worth it — depending on your ultimate goals for the renovation.


Limiting the permits or Landmarks Reviews needed will also further save you funds for your budget.


Aesthetics: Achieving your desired aesthetics doesn’t always mean it has to take longer or cost more.


We’ve helped clients at all price points, timelines, and desired aesthetics achieve the design they are looking for.


What is your ideal mix?

budget schedule aesthetics diagram


“I’m so thankful for all your help in getting me from point A to Z and bringing this hypothetical design to fruition. It’s amazing being in my space now! I love everything!! Thank you so much!” – Giovanni T.

Download one of our several project examples to help understand how AGD has helped clients across various budgets, schedules, and aesthetics turn their design dreams into a built reality.

Download “AGD-West-End-Gut-Reno.pdf” AGD-West-End-Gut-Reno.pdf – Downloaded 174 times – 466 KB

Download “AGD-Convent-Ave-Gut-Reno.pdf” AGD-Convent-Ave-Gut-Reno.pdf – Downloaded 138 times – 160 KB

Download “AGD-Heights-Gut-Reno.pdf” AGD-Heights-Gut-Reno.pdf – Downloaded 188 times – 158 KB

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