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Signature Services


amy green design can take client’s projects successfully through the full the design process from initial concepts through final construction or we can be brought onto a team to assist with a specific need on a project such as green building certification, feasibility studies, initial design consultation, construction administration and more. See some of our signature architectural services below.

Feasibility Studies

Before even purchasing a property, we can evaluate it to help you understand it’s full potential and maximize that through our expert understanding of NYC Zoning Resolutions such as a clause which allows our clients to build more on their sites by utilizing more energy efficient walls. Download our free guide Why a Feasibility Study is Your First Step Towards a Successful Building Project.

Existing Conditions Documentation & Legalization

Want to remodel or legalize your space but have no drawings of your existing building space? Amy green design will come on-site to measure and document your existing space then create blueprints that can be used as the base for your remodel or legalization of your space. We typically complete these drawings in as quickly as 1-2 weeks. Read our showcase on how we’ve helped clients with these services as quickly as overnight.

Drafting & Renderings

Whether you’re looking for a rendering to attract investors, market a property, or simply understand your building project better — we provide renderings & drawings to meet your needs. We can also draft any plans, elevations, and details needed for your building project. See our 3D animation of a virtual walk through we created for a client of our redesign for their co-op unit.

Renovations & Expansions

Reusing existing building resources not only helps reduce construction waste but can also reduces costs for our clients. Through the use of graphic visuals we help our clients understand the various options available to them in the potential reuse of their properties as well as what code would allow for their existing sites to be remodeled and expanded. See our showcase on how we helped a family in a remodel that nearly doubled the size of their home so the family could stay in the neighborhood they had come to love while still accommodating their growing family in their current home.

Single-Family, Multi-Family & Mixed Use Buildings

Single family homes are some of our favorite projects to work on because they are so personal. They provide an opportunity to design spaces where people can relax, connect, entertain, rejuvenate, inspire, and grow. We utilize our expert knowledge in multifamily regulations through resolutions such as Quality Housing which allow our clients to take additional floor area deductions on their sites which allow them to build more on the site and acquire bonuses for community facilities in their buildings. Download our free guide, Why a Feasibility Study is Your First Step Towards a Successful Building Project.

Commercial Buildings

We integrate strategies that improve user productivity, reduce water and energy use, and lower maintenance costs while supporting the health and well being of users in the spaces we design. Our expertise in commercial spaces includes office spaces, retail, restaurants, and hotels.  We’re also experts in Public Assemblies and can assist clients through those complex processes as well as the permits and additional code requirements associated with them.

Project Administration

We manage the schedule, budget, project meetings, project documentation, and consultants needed for building projects which could include environmental engineers, geotechnical engineers, surveyors, acoustical engineers, expeditors, zoning attorneys, landscape architects, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineers, elevator consultants, and any other consultants our clients wish or need to involve on the project. With our many years of experience in NYC we’re able to help educate our clients through these processes, on which consultants will be needed for their project, and on what items through the process will impact their project budget and schedule. Download our free guide on Understanding Consultants Needed For Your Building Project.

Green Building Certification, Education & Eco-Charettes

Green Building certified properties have shown to result in higher sales and rental rates over conventional properties. We help our clients navigate green building certifications available to them and work to ensure their projects achieve the desired green building certification such as LEED project administration and energy star benchmarking. If you don’t want a certified building but still want to include sustainable design strategies, we help accomplish that through eco-charettes, passive design, green building material selections, and helping educate the project team about green design and how it can be integrated into the building project.

Read our showcase on how we help incorporate green features into our work which help improve the health & well-being of occupants while also reducing maintenance and electrical and water costs.

Construction Documents

We can take a project from conceptual design all the way through construction documents. Our well-coordinated and well-documented construction documents allow for more accurate bids, improve vendor coordination, ensure smooth construction, and guarantee more accurate shop drawings from the team. See the showcase of some of our construction documents.

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The Case For


Buildings account for almost 40 percent of national CO2 emissions and out-consume both the industrial and transportation sectors. Fortunately, we have solutions as green buildings help lower CO2 emissions, consume less energy, less water, help divert waste from landfills, and are less toxic to our health and environment than non-green buildings. Green building is an affordable solution, typically adding 4% or less additional upfront cost while providing savings as much as 10% in the first year alone on green retrofits and 20% lower annual maintenance costs for new LEED buildings. Green buildings have also been found to increase sales in retail spaces, foster more creative work environments, create healthier homes for families, and increase test scores of students at green schools.

Contact us about how we can help make your spaces greener.

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Showcases of Architectural Work