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A&D Building

The A&D Building is one of amy green design’s favorite NYC Showroom Buildings, and here’s why it should be yours!


The Architects & Designers or A&D Building, is open to the public; which is one of just many reasons making it one of amy green design’s favorite showroom buildings in NYC as clients can stop by and visit it any time — versus some of the other showroom buildings in NYC (such as the D&D building) that require you to be accompanied by your design professional during your visit to the building and showrooms.


The A&D building contains 11 floors of over 40 showrooms that encompass everything from kitchen, bath, appliances, stone, wood, flooring, tile, glass, countertops, closets, furniture, lighting, and more; making it one of the largest one-stop showroom buildings for all our client’s interior and architectural design needs — another reason it’s one of our favorites. 


Some of our regular go-to showrooms in the A&D building (some of which you’ll see featured in our photos and video in this blog post) include:


The A&D building is typically open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. This is typical to most showrooms across of NYC (there are only a couple open over the weekends, if that is the only time available for you then get in touch with amy green design and we’ll help point you to some of our other favorites open over the weekends as well or can even discuss our special service where we bring the showrooms to you all in the comfort of amy green design’s office), but no appointment is necessary to the A&D Building, so you’re able to walk right in and show yourself around — another reason it’s one of our favorite showrooms in NYC. 


Check out some of the photos from amy green design’s latest visit to the A&D building; which focused on kitchens and appliances for a client’s NYC interior renovation project, then let us know which of the showrooms and showroom photos are your favorite by leaving us a comment below — those Gaggenau kitchen appliances are pretty sleek, unique, and impressive, right? And did you know Gaggenau (and some of the other showrooms at A&D) offer free cooking demonstrations to help you learn more about their products and how to best utilize these incredible appliances to allow you host the dinner party you’ve been dreaming of —- right in your very own remodeled space with the help of amy green design at your side?


 Contact us if you’d like to discuss Amy personally showing you around the A&D building (or other showrooms and design buildings) at those we feel will best meet your aesthetics, goals, schedule, and budget for your own design project! Together we’re designing a better tomorrow.