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A Day in the Life of an Architect

amy green the architect in greece

Many wonder what a day in the life of an Architect entails and so we wanted to share a view into the life of an architect with amy green design.

Coffee anyone?

The day begins with a strong cup of coffee beside our computers as we respond to client, consultant, contractor, and vendor communications that came in since we left the office the previous evening. We believe clear and consistent communication is key to the success of our work with our architectural and interior design clients. We host a Dropbox site for each client’s projects and always have an iPad in hand so we have access to all information on our client’s projects no matter where we are.

How about some tea?

Following coffee is a more relaxing cup of herbal tea, alongside our calendar and project schedules for the day. Everything is reviewed to ensure all drawings, agendas, and material samples are ready for the day’s meetings. This is when our regimen of podcasts and TED Talks kicks in. We continually search for fascinating new building technologies, design solutions, ideas, and materials. If you’re a fellow podcaster, try one of our favorites, 99% invisible, dedicated to uncovering the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.

Time to draft!

For amy green design the next few morning hours are filled with drafting client projects in our current favorite CAD software, AutoCAD by Autodesk — all to the sweet symphony of podcasts playing in the background.

At times we go as far as to curate the podcasts or music in accordance with the goals and styles of the projects we’re working on. For example, when a client recently asked us to complete zen style interior design for her new NYC apartment we listened to monk chanting to help put us in the right mindset for work on her design. It’s quite relaxing. In preparation for our online eDesign review with the client we sent the client the chanting track and invited them to listen to it as they sipped a cup of jasmine green tea during our review together.

Want to know one of our favorite podcasts to listen to while we work? Well I’m glad you asked!

One of our favorite 99% Invisible podcasts is on one of the world’s most famous Architect’s of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright, and this podcast provides a look into Wright’s notorious life as an Architect, complete with a description of the cape Wright would wear, and touches on key concepts of his career such as Broadacre City which he implemented on his creation of Usonia, in Westchester County, New York. We definitely recommend giving the podcast a listen part 1  & part 2.

Continuing the Workday…

After drafting, the next hours of our work day are spent either presenting designs to clients, searching design centers for the latest materials, or calling vendors to confirm pricing, lead time, and customer reviews of products we’re considering to recommend to clients.

Time to head to DOB!

The afternoon often holds a trip downtown to the Department of Buildings or Landmarks before their doors close. Meanwhile, on the subway ride from our office we’re busy returning contractor submittals, providing clients with an update of their schedule, and prepping purchase orders with vendors on behalf of our clients.

Evening Meetings with Clients.

By the time we leave the buildings of our local municipalities it’s typically time for a walk in the park or a bite at one of NYC’s fantastic restaurants. We take a few minutes to relax and reflect on the day before our final hour or two of work. The end of the day is comprised of meetings; with homeowners who are busy working themselves 9-5 and need to meet outside normal working hours, seeing a client’s potential lease space they prefer to visit with us and their brokers after hours when current tenants aren’t in the space, or having a conference call with a potential new client to discuss their project and how they can work with any green design to make it a success.

Rather than sporting the cape and cane that Wright preferred on the job, our amy green design Architects can typically be spotted in a set of kicks, slacks, a shirt, and a blazer — as on a potential project site we never know when we might have to climb up a ladder out of a roof hatch or crawl through an access panel to see what building systems are contained inside — putting stilettos out of the running.

Then it’s time to hit a yoga class, head home to see our office mascot — a cat named Rocket — or meet up with friends in this incredible city we call home, NYC.

Learn more about the life of an Architect at amy green design: Visit our about page and connect with Amy Green on LinkedIn.

  • Mark G

    Amy, I really enjoyed and found interesting what a typical day is like in the life of an architect. It is definitely a very involved, demanding career with long hours of hard work. You are very dedicated! I like how you use music and your environment to create a mood that channels creativity to match the theme you are working on. I love your work! And you are so client-focused. You truly do solve problems through thoughtful design solutions.

    October 9, 2018at4:12 am